Who we are - A global wholesale deposit marketplace

Our solution creates a positive non-zero sum game for all participants.

Partner Banks

Raise Funding from new markets and new depositors without the need for establishing and maintaining accounts.


Access special deposit rates from global banks and transact through a central account.

Client Banks

Offer attractive third party deposit products to your customers.

Custodian Banks

Provides a Central Account for depositors and acts as a fiduciary or a placement agent  for deposit products globally.


Bank Treasuries

We help Banks raise liabilities, bring new clients without the hassle of opening and maintaining accounts at zero additional cost. Banks will be charged an agreed fee on successful raising of deposits on the total value of deposits raised.

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Wholesale Depositors

Discover some of the best available rates in the market and operate through one central account

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Client Bank /Intermediaries

Use deposit-book.com as a white label platform for you to manage third-party deposits for your customers.

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Our Competitive Advantage

Strong Technology Platform

Ability to integrate with Bank API’s and SWIFT with a seamless user experience.

Unique Business Model

High Value Deposit marketplace with a win-win formula.

High Impact Team

Senior Bankers with a strong network and relationships with Global Banks and Corporates.

Contact Us

NewBridge Fintech Solutions is the holding company of DepositBook.

Siddharth Bhandari

Call : +(971) 56 211 0863
Mail : siddharthb@newbridgefintech.com

Varun Rajpal

Call : +(971) 55 566 5848
Mail : varunr@deposit-book.co.uk