Great Solution for Partner Banks

We help Banks raise liabilities, bring new clients without the hassle of account opening at ZERO cost.

DepositBook as a Distribution Channel :

We offer access to numerous, diversified distribution channels for high value deposits at no additional cost.

Client Banks

Typically offshore private banks and wholesale banks offering Third-party savings products integrated into own offering.

Direct Channels

Direct client on-boarding with our nominated custodian bank.

Large Clients include FI’s, Corporates and Family Offices.

Private Banks and Wealth Managers

Different partners /brokers with own access to high value depositors.

Third-party savings products integrated into own online/offline offerings.

Why Bank’s Treasury should publish Rates with us

Free Channel to Market Deposits

Complementary and at Zero Cost.

Global Coverage

Access Institutional and Corporate Deposits across the globe.

Simplify Deposit Handling

Avoid cost of opening, maintaining accounts and KYC. Deal as Inter-bank deposits.

Run Special Deposit Campaigns

Clients can pool in to make one large deposit.

Improve your Regulatory Ratios

Help improve your LCR/AD/ NFSR ratios through quality, stable funding.

Reduce Costs

Reduce operating costs of raising wholesale deposits.

Wholesale Depositors - Corporates, FI’s, Family Offices, etc.

Discover best available deposit rates and invest through one central account across the globe in a seamless manner.

Open a Central Account

Client registers on the platform and opens a central account with a top rated custodian bank.

This account will be used as a central conduit for all deposit flow.

Set your Deposit Criteria

Client can use the platform to customize and filter their deposit preferences based on:
–unique liquidity needs
–credit risk appetite
–Targeted rate of return
–currency preferences.

View, Select and Execute

Client logs in and views the best rates available meeting their criteria.

Once they find such a bank, they confirm the placement and then the platform will facilitate the placement process through a seamless, automated journey.

Reporting and Analytics

Client can view transaction history, current deposits and risk/return analytics through the platform.

Our Platform - Direct Clients (B2C)

Types of Depositors:

  • FI’s
  • Corporates
  • Asset & Wealth Managers
  • Family Offices, etc.

Types of Instruments:

  • Fixed Deposit
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • EMTN’s, etc.

How do clients benefit



  • Discovery of Best Rates.
  • Onboarding & Account opening hassles with multiple Banks.
  • Ability to pool in special high value rates with smaller denominations.
  • Inability to run RFQ’s for bespoke deposits.
  • Efficient reverse query mechanism on getting bespoke rates from banks of your choice.

Our Solutions

Depositor Through Platform

  • Discover the Best Rate available in the market with exclusive special rates from time to time.
  • Operate through one central custodian account for multiple bank deposits.
  • Participate in special rate campaigns by pooling in deposits.
  • Efficient reverse query mechanism on getting bespoke rates from banks of your choice.

Client Banks / Intermediaries - B2B

White labeling our platform to provide third-party deposit products to your clients.

  • Client Banks offer their customers attractive rates of 3rd party Partner Banks.
  • Depositors can conveniently deposit their money with Partner Banks under the existing account relationship with their Client Bank.
  • Partner Banks gain access to deposits from new customers.

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DepositBook is the holding company of NewBridge Fintech Solutions.

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